Booster Pump - Inox for Water-Pro 90 l/h - 220V Watermakers


For repairing the boat watermakers Water-Pro with a capacity of 90 liters per hour (220 V) you can buy a spare booster pump - inox, supplying pressurized water to the reverse osmosis membrane.

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The booster pump is one of the main components of seawater desalination process by reverse osmosis. It provides an increase in pressure, under which it supplies water to the membrane. If the high pressure pump fails, the reverse osmosis process is slowed down or stopped altogether. If you are going on a long voyage and you know that the life of the booster pump in your watermaker is running low - buy a Booster pump - inox for possible mainenance, designed specifically for Water-Pro 90 l/h 220V model.

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