C-systems 10 10 CFS (a+b) 1,5kg

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Introducing the versatile C-SYSTEM 10 10 CFS, a highly dependable solution for fixing, building, bonding, laminating, protecting, filling, or creating with both wood and fiberglass. Its formulation is wholly solvent-free and boasts exceptional quality standards, enhanced by its fluidity that leverages a range of additives. This multifunctional adhesive is perfect for various applications, including bonding wood-wood, wood-fiberglass, fiberglass-fiberglass, and dissimilar materials. It is also ideal for laminating glass, carbon, or kevlar fabrics onto wood or fiberglass and filling structures with Microfiller Powder, Addensante no.2, Natural Microfibers, or Mineral Microfibers. Other uses include serving as an undercoat for transparent or painted/varnished wood and as an anti-osmosis or osmosis repair undercoat. With a theoretical coverage of 300-500 g/sqm for bonding, it must be applied on both surfaces and requires a primer base of 12-15 smq/kg. 

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