Adhesives Sikaflex 295 UV black 600ml

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These are single-component polyurethane adhesive that are highly elastic and cure through exposure to atmospheric moisture, creating a robust elastomer. They are ideal as adhesive sealants for bonding materials such as organic glass, plexiglass, lexan, and external seals. These adhesives provide excellent UV resistance and are highly durable.

About Sikaflex 295 UV black 600ml

Sikaflex 295 UV black 600ml is used in construction and repair. It is a single-component polyurethane adhesive sealant, commonly used for bonding and sealing various materials, including metals, plastics, and glass.

A distinctive feature of Sikaflex 295 UV is its resistance to ultraviolet radiation, making it ideal for use in conditions of increased exposure to sunlight. The black color of the sealant also provides an aesthetic appearance in the areas of application. The 600 ml tube volume is suitable for large projects or industrial use.

Sikaflex 295 UV black can be used on a boat or yacht for various purposes, especially considering its resistance to ultraviolet radiation and moisture. Here are some examples of its use:

  • Sealing joints and seams. Sikaflex 295 UV sealant can be used for sealing seams and joints on the hull of a boat or yacht to prevent water penetration.
  • Installing windows and hatches. Sikaflex 295 UV is ideal for installing and sealing glass or plastic windows and hatches on boats and yachts, providing a strong and waterproof connection.
  • Bonding parts. This sealant can be used for bonding various materials, including metals, plastics, and glass, which is useful for repair or upgrading elements on a boat or yacht.
  • Repairing cracks and damage. Sikaflex 295 UV can be used to fill and seal cracks or damage on the surface of a boat or yacht.
  • Protection from UV radiation. Its resistance to UV radiation ensures that the sealant will not deteriorate or fade over time under the influence of the sun's rays.

It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions when using Sikaflex 295 UV, especially regarding surface preparation and drying time, to ensure the best results and durability of the application.

Sikaflex 295 UV is produced by Sika AG, an international company specializing in the production of construction and automotive materials. Founded in 1910 in Switzerland, Sika has since become one of the leading suppliers of specialized chemical products and solutions in these industries.

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Tomas G.
Very good glue. Used it on a boat to seal seams.
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