Neel Trimarans

Neel Trimarans

The NEEL-TRIMARANS group is the world leader in cruise trimarans. Designer and builder of innovative, high-performance and safe trimarans. Designed by enthusiasts and experts, the NEEL and LEEN trimarans provide cruises and trips in complete safety, comfort and pleasure.

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Address:  4 rue Virginie Hériot – Plateau nautique 17000 La Rochelle Cedex – France
Phone: +33 546 290 871

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We present to you Neel 43 cruising sailing trimaran where rest, sleep, entertainment, dining and boat control areas are located on the same level. This is one of the new light fast cruising models with spacious accommodations from the Neel Trimarans shipyard. If you are planning to buy a...
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Travel and live in the world's oceans Buying a trimaran Neel 47 is a recognition of the readiness to regularly cut the sea surface under sail. This sailboat was designed with movement in mind. And the concept was justified - the model received many awards in prestigious international...
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NEEL 52 features sporty modern look, three hulls, incredible resistance to pitching and increased maneurability thanks to central 'rockered' hull. Available in multitude of layouts and options, it also offers upgraded Cockloon® - mix between interior and exterior living area. Extra-wide Full...
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The magnificent NEEL 65 epitomises all of the prominent qualities of NEEL-TRIMARANS: respectable sailing characteristics, precise handling, stellar performance and elegant interior. True to "Sport-Chic" style, the layout is highly practical and interior is filled with...
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