Catamarans for sale: Luxury and cruising sailboats

This page contains a catalog with prices for new sailing catamarans that you can buy at the marketplace. We present only the best models of catamarans from the most famous yacht manufacturers in the world.

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Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about catamarans. For more information, please contact our staff.

Are catamarans more stable than monohulls yachts?
What are the advantages of catamarans?
Which is safer - sailboat or catamaran?
Do catamarans flip easily in rough water?
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Can you wear flip flops on a catamaran?
What is a good size catamaran to live on?
Can you flush toilet paper on a catamaran?
Do large catamarans have bathrooms?
Where is the best place to sit on a catamaran?
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali 4.2
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali CATSMART
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali 4.8
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali CATSPACE Sail
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali 5.4
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali 4.4
BrandBALI Catamarans ModelBali 4.6