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J/Boats, Inc USA PO Box 90, Rhode Island, 02840

The history of J/Boats is a true embodiment of the American dream. From garage assembly to 14,000 cases in 40 countries in 40 years - this is the path of the company, which became one of the most successful marine enterprises in the world.

The shipyard builds sport cruising yachts and sport keel monotypes. The company's model range includes 12 models from 6 to 14 m (19.7 to 45.9 ft) in length. Over its more than 40-year history, J/Boats have brought to the market about 40 models overall, including keel yachts for club racing and sport cruising yachts.

J/Boats brand development is being studied at Harvard and the University of Virginia. The firm has seen virtually no downturns and now manufactures boats at a plant in Rhode Island. Under license, some models of their boats are built in France, Italy, China, South Africa, Argentina.

The company played a big role in the development of yacht building. In the early 1990s, the J/105 was the first to carry an asymmetrical spinnaker on a detachable bowsprit. More than 20 other projects have been recognized as "yacht of the year", and five received the status of "international class" from World Sailing. In 1991, Fortune magazine named J/Boats one of the best American products of the century.

In 2016, Rod Johnston (born 1937) was inducted into the US Naval Hall of Fame.

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BrandJ/Boats Hull typeMonohull
BrandJ/Boats Hull typeMonohull
BrandJ/Boats Hull typeMonohull
BrandJ/Boats Hull typeMonohull
BrandJ/Boats Hull typeMonohull