12V USB-Sockets for Sale

Sale of 12V USB-Sockets

This catalog with prices for 12V USB sockets for yachts presents the most popular models with various configurations - with several connectors, with a power supply, voltmeter, etc. In this section of the topRik marketplace you can buy 12V USB sockets for marine vessels from the world's best manufacturers of accessories for yacht electrical systems, such as Blue Sea Systems.

If you find it difficult to choose the appropriate 12V USB socket for boats yourself, topRik experts will help you. Experienced yachtsmen will give you a free consultation through the website’s feedback form or by phone (the number is on the page above). We can also receive an answer by e-mail if you send your questions to [email protected].

The USB outlet is an innovative outlet that provides one or more USB ports in addition to traditional electrical outlets, allowing you to connect and charge devices directly from the wall. This provides a convenient power source for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras and other devices that use USB charging cables. USB outlets are compatible with a wide range of devices and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Working Principle

Power Source. USB sockets connect to standard yacht power supply, which provides alternating current (110-240 volts).

Current Conversion. There is a built-in converter inside the connector that converts AC current from the mains to DC at a lower voltage.

Power Output. The 2.0 standard typically offers up to 0.5 amps of current, while the 3.0 standard can offer up to 0.9 amps. The newest standards, USB-C, can provide much more power (up to 3 amps or more).

Versatility. Having these connectors allows you to charge your gadgets without the need for AC adapters, freeing up traditional plugs for electrical items.

Safety. Protection against overload, short circuit or overheating to ensure safe charging of electronic devices, and in the case of marine equipment, also against water, corrosion and other aggressive environmental influences.

Types of 12V USB Outlets

For a long time now, we have not been surprised by a charger with two USB ports, but USB sockets with two ports are also no longer a novelty, including on yachts and boats.

Today we can charge our mobile devices, tablets and other gadgets directly from the outlet without using additional chargers and adapters. There are two main types of USB sockets based on the number of contacts and the speed of charging gadgets.

  • Type A. They have four contacts and are used to charge many mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc. They are the most common and support charging devices at speeds up to 2.4 A.
  • Type C. They have three contacts and are used to charge more powerful devices such as laptops, monitors, etc. They also support charging devices at speeds up to 3 A.

The main difference in the technical characteristics of USB sockets for yachts between these types is the charging power. Type Cs support a higher power level than Type A. This means they can charge more powerful devices, such as laptops, faster and more efficiently. Type C sockets are compatible with devices using Type A, but not vice versa. This means that devices with a Type A outlet cannot be connected to a Type C outlet without an adapter.

However, there are high-speed charging USB outlets that can charge devices even faster than regular USB sockets. They support higher power levels and provide fast charging for even the most powerful devices. Some manufacturers offer sockets with Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which allows you to charge devices up to four times faster than conventional chargers.

Important! To use these outlets, you need to make sure your device supports high-speed charging.

It has already been mentioned that topRik marketplace offers the best models of 12V USB sockets for boats, most of which have two sockets: one for type A and the other for type C. This means that you can charge different devices with different types of sockets at the same time using only one socket.

There are also USB sockets with combo functions that combine charging and connecting electronic devices. They are convenient, practical and help save space (three in one). In our marketplace this type is represented by Power supply with two USB outputs.

Advantages of a USB Socket on a Yacht

Convenience. USB sockets greatly increase usability by allowing you to charge electronic devices directly without the need for adapters. This is especially convenient when power and wiring options are limited.

Fast charging. Modern USB outlets often support fast charging standards, which can significantly speed up this process. This can be very valuable during emergencies on board, when every minute counts.

Safety. Most USB outlets have built-in protection against surge, short circuit or overload, and marine models have additional protection against water, salt, corrosion, etc. This ensures the safety of the connected devices and also prevents possible electrical faults, making this a safer choice compared to conventional adapters.

Energy efficiency. USB outlets can be more energy efficient because they often include power management mechanisms that minimize power consumption when devices are fully charged or unplugged. This helps reduce unnecessary energy consumption, which is especially important in autonomous sailing.

Flexibility. USB outlets add flexibility to a space, especially in areas where multiple electronic devices need to be connected. This is especially valuable on charter boats or on a private yacht with a large crew, which may include crew, family and guests.


Are 12V USB outlets safe for use on water?

If you purchase 12V USB sockets from a specialized marketplace that sells products specifically made for use in the marine environment, then any accessories for the yacht's electrical network are safe. All boat 12V USB sockets presented in the topRik marketplace are manufactured by world leaders in the production of electrical equipment and accessories for boats and yachts. They have an appropriate level of protection, are moisture resistant, are not subject to corrosion, and are equipped with plugs that prevent water from penetrating inside. Of course, safety precautions should be followed when using USB sockets for yachts, as with any electrical and electronic equipment.

Can 12V USB sockets be used to charge all devices?

The ability to use 12V USB sockets to charge gadgets depends on the model of the electronic device. If your gadgets are equipped with a connector that allows you to connect devices directly via a USB port, then charging will be done directly. If your electronic device is equipped with a different connector, then, of course, it is easier to purchase a universal adapter than to change your smartphone or tablet.

Thus, having a 2V USB socket on board, you can charge any electronic device directly or through an adapter, such as a cigarette lighter or a universal adapter with several types of ports/connectors.

What to do if the 12V USB outlet stops working?

The entire electrical system of the yacht requires constant monitoring, including even the smallest equipment and accessories. Early detection of corrosion will help avoid short circuits on the open sea. Damaged or faulty accessories in the yacht's electrical system should be replaced. We also recommend keeping some electrical system accessories on hand for replacement if you have a knowledgeable electrician in your crew. If such a specialist is not available, it is better to leave the repair of the 12V USB socket until arriving at the port.