12V Cigarette lighter for Sale

Sale of Cigarette Lighter for Boat

Looking for marine accessories to provide reliable power to your devices and electronic systems while off-grid? In this catalog with prices, the topRik marketplace has selected various 12V cigarette lighters for you, from the world's best manufacturers of accessories for marine electrical and electronic systems - Garmin, Marine Town, Blue Sea Systems, etc.

The section presents 12V cigarette lighters for yachts with a different number of connectors, including those with a USB connector, with backlight, etc. If you find it difficult to choose a 12V cigarette lighter for boats, our experts will give you professional advice right now. You can receive it completely free of charge through the Contacts section, by phone (the number is on the page above), or by e-mail if you send a request to [email protected].

Although the comfort level of modern sailing yachts is constantly improving, the source of electricity is still the onboard battery system. On most sailing yachts, 220/240 V power is only available when the yacht is connected to the shore power system in a marina or port. When anchored or underway, you will only have 12 V, so you will need a special adapter for a device such as a car cigarette lighter. Modern models of such adapters are equipped with a standard USB connector, which solves the lion's share of problems with charging mobile devices. On modern yacht models, built-in USB ports can be found in every cabin.

Some terminology: the word “cigarette lighter” in this case refers to the socket for it, and not the device itself for lighting cigarettes. Nowadays it is used mainly as an electrical outlet.

Marine sockets are electrical components used on boats and yachts. They are designed to provide power supply and control of electrical devices on watercraft. Receptacles are installed in various parts of the vessel and provide safe and reliable connections to electrical equipment, making them important components in a marine electrical system.

Types of 12V Cigarette Lighters

Due to the wide variety of cigarette lighters on the market, it would be useful to understand how they differ. Based on the material used, compact cigarette lighters for yachts can be divided into two categories: plastic and metal.

Plastic does not mean cheap or low quality. Modern sockets are made of high-strength shockproof plastic, and not much different from the metal ones.

Based on the type of fastening, two categories can be distinguished: built-in and overhead. Built-in ones are inserted into a pre-prepared hole, most often on the control panel. After mounting, only the interface is visible - very convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

But not everyone is ready to make holes in the panels of the boat (or there is simply no room for this). In this case, it is optimal to use an overhead structure - it can be installed on almost any surface, be it a side or a “torpedo”.

Salt and moisture are not the best friends for any electronics, and yacht sockets are no exception. Therefore, we advise you to resist the temptation to install a regular car socket in the boat and purchase special marine waterproof 12V sockets with a high degree of protection.

They differ from automobile ones in materials that are more resistant to oxidation and corrosion, as well as sealed plugs that prevent the penetration of moisture while the cigarette lighter is not in use.

In the topRik marketplace you can buy high-quality marine cigarette lighters, specially manufactured for use in aggressive marine environments. We offer universal 12V cigarette lighters, including:

  • with a high degree of shockproof and moisture-resistant protection;
  • made of anti-corrosion materials - marine plastic and anodized metals;
  • for a different number of sockets, including those with a USB connector;
  • designed for different power;
  • modular design, including antenna, lighting and other additions;
  • overhead and built-in.

This section also offers additional accessories such as end caps, plugs with LEDs, electronic regulators, panels with USB ports, etc.

Many instruments and devices that you take with you on a yacht are charged via a USB connector. By the way, even portable radio stations with charging through such a connector have appeared. Therefore, an adapter for USB to the cigarette lighter socket is a very necessary thing and, most importantly, it is compact.

There are various modifications of such devices: from single adapters, as well as doubles and tees for different amperages to splitters of the cigarette lighter socket itself. At your request, topRik experts will select a suitable modification for you.


What devices can be charged using the 12V cigarette lighter on board?

A huge number of electrical appliances and electronic gadgets can be connected to the yacht's electrical network through the cigarette lighter socket. Marine outlets on boats and yachts are designed to connect a variety of electrical devices and equipment, such as navigation systems, radios, lights, air conditioning systems, battery chargers, electric kitchen appliances, and entertainment and security systems.

Marine outlets provide reliable and safe power on the water, allowing boat owners to comfortably and safely use a variety of electrical devices while sailing and docking.

There are several basic types of marine switch outlets designed for different purposes on boats and yachts. This includes outlets for connecting electronics and navigation systems, outlets for powering cabins and public areas, as well as outlets for charging batteries and power tools.

Due to this versatility, sockets are often made paired with other interfaces (for example, a socket for a plug or a USB connector).

Yacht equipment sockets provide convenient power management and safe connections to various devices and equipment on a boat, making them an important part of a boat's electrical system.

What to do if the 12V cigarette lighter stops working?

We hope that in this case, not the entire electrical system on the yacht failed. If the problem is only with the outlet, then simply replace it with another one - after all, you probably have a spare one. And if not, think about this in advance -topRik marketplace will help you choose the right spares for your boat.

To ensure long and reliable operation of ship's sockets on a yacht, they should be regularly maintained. This includes checking for corrosion and oxidation on the contacts, cleaning them if necessary, and replacing old sockets and switches with new ones if they have become faulty. In addition, it is important to monitor the condition of the wiring and cables, making sure that they are not damaged or worn out, and if necessary, replace or repair them. Regular maintenance will help prevent accidents and ensure the reliability of the yacht's electrical system.

How to choose a 12V cigarette lighter with the required power?

To correctly calculate the power in this case, just think about the purposes for which this outlet will be used on your yacht, what equipment (gadgets) will be connected to it. Carefully read all the characteristics of the lighter you are looking to buy – all the information you need is usually there.

Is it possible to connect several devices simultaneously to one 12V cigarette lighter?

Of course, but only if you choose an option with multiple outlets or a model with a USB connector. You can also purchase splitters (tees) in another section, but they can only be used when docked - with shore power and voltage of 220 V.