Steel Anchors Grapnel for Sale

Sale of Grapnel Anchors

What if you need an anchor for an inflatable boat or small yacht that will firmly bite into the ground and hold your vessel? Or are you looking for an efficient and compact second anchor? In this section you will find both options – Grapnel anchors weighing from 0.7 kilograms, which are offered by the topRik marketplace, are made of galvanized or stainless steel.

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Grapnel are folding models of anchors, which, due to their compactness and low weight, are very convenient to store and transport on small boats, kayaks and even jet skis.

Features and Benefits of Grapnel Anchors

Main feature of Grapnel anchors are folding legs that are shaped like a claw, which is why these models are also called cat anchors. When folded, these claws are fixed with a special ring, which is lowered along the spindle. Two eyelets at the top and under the feet add options.

It is this design that provides Grapnel anchors its advantages:

  • the ability to securely anchor in river or sea soil on a small boat, kayak, jet ski for various water activities: fishing, diving, spearfishing, bottom or coral reef exploration, etc.;
  • thanks to two eyes, the anchor cable is placed so that if the anchor gets stuck, it can be released in one move;
  • on a large yacht it can perform several functions: serve as the second anchor of the yacht, as well as an anchor for a boat, kayak or surfboard.

topRik marketplace offers Grapnel anchors of different weights. In addition, you can choose the material it’s made of - galvanized or stainless steel, including mirror polished. This is a guarantee of reliable protection of the armature from corrosion, and in the case of a galvanized surface, protection from galvanic corrosion. This makes sense if your watercraft is made of aluminum.

On Which Types of Vessels Is Grapnel Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

Talking about the features of Grapnel anchors, we have already mentioned that this unique design model is created specifically for inflatable boats, kayaks, small yachts, jet skis and even surfboards. And nothing can stop you from using Grapnel as a second anchor for larger vessels.

We do not recommend selecting the anchor weight for your watercraft, using classical calculation methods, which are based on the weight of the boat and its displacement. It is better to use ready-made tables from manufacturers who have verified these figures through testing on water. One such table is given below.

Boat length Anchor weight
Up to 9 ft 1.5 pounds
Up to 11 ft 3.5 pounds
Up to 11 ft 5.5 pounds
5-16 ft 7 pounds
5-18 ft 7 pounds
14-22 ft 9 pounds
18-24 ft 15.5 pounds

Another previously unusual way to use Grapnel anchors – using them for rowing boards. Do you see a model weighing 0.7 kg in this section? If you are into paddleboards of various designs, you will already understand how it can be used. Yes, simply attach it to your leg so that it does not interfere with movement and at the same time does not get lost when the anchor cable slips out of one hand while rowing.

And if you want to take a break from the physical effort, your board will stay in place even on windy days and even when doing yoga on it, which has become fashionable these days.

And even if you have a large yacht, but you like to go ashore with the help of a tug, think that it would also benefit from a reliable, not heavy and not bulky anchor - such as Grapnel.