Steel Anchors Bruce for Sale

Sale of Bruce Anchors

Are you looking for a reliable anchor made of stainless or galvanized steel? Bruce anchors in this section of topRik marketplace are made of these materials, weighing from 1 kg. Already from its unique design it is clear that it perfectly burrows in any soil - muddy, sandy or rocky.

If you have questions about choosing Bruce anchor specifically for your yacht or boat - contact our team - they will answer all your questions free of charge through a quick contact form. You can also call or send an email to [email protected].

Features of Bruce Anchors

Bruce anchor is one of the most popular modern models among yachtsmen. There are several reasons: its unique design, which allows it to burrow deeply into any soil and securely hold the yacht, the manufacturing material options - stainless or galvanized steel, and as a result - resistance to corrosion in sea water with different salt contents.

Popular Bruce anchor belongs to the CQR family, only much more advanced than the classic models. This reliable type of CQR differs from classic designs with a wide flat claw with several powerful “fingers”. It is thanks to this feature that Bruce anchor has excellent holding properties on soft soils, fine rocky bottoms, pebbles and sand in all weather conditions.

Benefits of Bruce Anchors

In addition to the already mentioned advantages, this universal anchor with high holding force can be used on small boats and PVC boats. You can buy this model at the topRik marketplace with weights from 1 to 50 kg.

At the same time, you can choose the option of stainless or galvanized steel - these models are produced from both types of this metal. In both cases, this is reliable protection against corrosion, which is caused by exposure to moisture, and in the case of galvanizing, it also provides protection against galvanic corrosion if the boat hull is made, for example, of aluminum.

On Which Types of Vessels Is Bruce Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

It is equally good and reliable both on RIB and on a large yacht - the main thing is to choose the right weight. On large yachts and boats when using Bruce models that are in size and weight, it is recommended to use buoy-ropes.

Most experienced travelers are familiar with the equipment of popular and lesser-known marinas. If there is a danger of galvanization corrosion when mooring in the marina, it is better to buy Bruce anchor made of galvanized steel.

When choosing an anchor, it is important to consider the weight of the boat and its size. Experienced yachtsmen and lovers of water recreation use special tables that correspond to the weight of the anchor, its shape, the weight and dimensions of the boat.

But to make selection easier, you can use simpler formulas.

For calm water without strong currents: anchor weight = 1% of the weight of the loaded boat.

For bodies of water with strong currents: anchor weight = 2% of the weight of the loaded boat.

Take the results of these calculations as a minimum and add to them the number of kilograms that you consider a reliable guarantee.

When choosing a Bruce anchor for your yacht, refer to the following table. They will help you compare the anchor's weight to its dimensions so you can decide whether your boat has enough space to accommodate it.

Weight Material A B C D E F G H
1KG STAINLESS STEEL 100MM 180MM 230MM 60MM 230MM 105MM 35MM 10MM
3KG STAINLESS STEEL 230MM 370MM 250MM 100MM 320MM 125MM 40MM 9MM
7.5KG STAINLESS STEEL 270MM 530MM 360MM 14MM 450MM 220MM 60MM 8MM
10KG STAINLESS STEEL 290MM 580MM 400MM 16MM 470MM 240MM 68MM 11MM
15KG STAINLESS STEEL 330MM 650MM 420MM 16.5MM 560MM 280MM 85MM 11MM
20KG STAINLESS STEEL 350MM 710MM 500MM 21MM 590MM 310MM 89MM 13MM
30KG STAINLESS STEEL 410MM 830MM 570MM 18MM 700MM 360MM 115MM 15MM