The Boatasy team is a highly experienced group of professionals who have dedicated their lives to the sea, boats, and sailing. They have spent many years conducting extensive research within the marine industry to develop their exceptional Boatasy products.

Their trademark BOATASY specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative products for mooring and docking. These products have been widely used by numerous users worldwide, thanks to their exceptional solutions that simplify and enhance mooring or docking from onboard boats. One of the key benefits of these products is that they keep the user's hands and boat deck clean, while the operations are much shorter than traditional methods. The GHOOK, HOOKLINKER, and DOCKHOOK are renowned for their top-quality, reliability, and unique technological innovations.

Boatasy's philosophy is centered around understanding the needs and wants of their customers and using this knowledge to create thoughtfully designed innovations that improve the user experience and make their nautical lives more comfortable. All of their products and services reflect this philosophy and are designed to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Web page: Boatasy
Address:  Ulica istrskega odreda 10, SI-6310 Izola, Slovenija
Phone: +386 41 281 133
E-mail: [email protected]



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