Sale of Amplifiers for Yacht

Here we have the catalog for marine amplifiers from the world's best manufacturers of acoustic equipment of all types – Boss with their Marine line, Garmin with the Fusion line etc., who know everything about improving sound, including in sea conditions.

If you want to buy amplifiers for the multimedia available on your yacht (radio communication system, announcement repeaters, music repeaters, etc.) – get free professional advice from our experts right now using the contacts section, phone number above or email [email protected].

Boats, yachts and other small vessels have long become a favorite vacation spot and a common means for boat trips and long trips. Those who work and vacation at sea want to hear radio conversations or music in good quality and in these conditions. In the first case, it is a matter of safety, and in the second, it is about ensuring a familiar comfort zone.

This is why marine acoustics are so in demand by sailors. This term refers to waterproof models of radios, speakers and, of course, subwoofers and amplifiers.

Do you really need an amplifier to get good sound on a boat? Certainly! A yacht or boat is always an extraneous and constant noise: engine, wind, waves. The sound in such conditions is greatly dissipated, and the 18-20 watts that a normal radio tape recorder produces is extremely insufficient to provide good sound for a boat on the water. Plus, most marine speakers are made for high power, and without an amplifier the potential of such speakers will not be realized.

Amplifier Types

A marine amplifier is an element of a ship's media system designed to amplify the power of signals before playback. The amplifiers are connected to head units and have output channels for connecting speakers and a subwoofer. The output channels of a marine amplifier can be designed for different powers.

Marine amplifiers, as a rule, require open mounting and therefore have an attractive design with a predominance of metal parts. Often a decorative element of the case is a radiator with a large grille, since the viability of the entire system as a whole depends on the efficiency of cooling the amplifier stages. For large marine amplifiers, the passive heatsink is the massive chassis itself, effectively dissipating excess heat from the internal components and maintaining performance at the required level.

Types of amplifiers are classified according to their purpose. There are both narrowly targeted models and universal ones designed for different tasks. Let's take a closer look at the features of each type of amplifier.

It should be understood that the power of an amplifier, one of the most important characteristics, is usually directly related to its size. The ship's space places very strict requirements on the size of any devices, so when choosing an amplifier it is very important to proceed from considerations of the feasibility of certain characteristics, the optimal ratio of the power required for the room and the size of the device.

Radio Amplifiers

Improving the radio signal on a ship is directly related to improving the safety of the crew, as it ensures clear sound of commands, orders and announcements that are transmitted over the ship's radio communications. Therefore, special attention should be paid to high-quality amplifiers.

The models presented in this section of the marketplace meet all the requirements of marine acoustic equipment. We will focus only on two manufacturers whose products are offered to you in this section.

The American company Boss is a world-famous manufacturer of audio systems and accessories for vehicles, including small watercraft. High-quality and stylish audio systems perfectly complement any pleasure yacht or sports boat, and a wide selection of equipment will allow you to create an individual solution.

Boss product catalog in the Marine line includes head units of standard and compact types, amplifiers for various numbers of channels, deck and cabin speakers, subwoofers, sound bars and accessories. Some devices, such as sound bars, do not require any additional hardware and are ready to play music from the user's smartphone as soon as power is connected. More information about all presented models of the Boss Marine line you can find out in the relevant sections.

In this section we present Boss amplifiers Audio MR series, specially designed for ship audio installations.

All Boss Audio MRs models are equipped with both high-frequency and low-frequency crossovers. To further enhance the flexibility of using the subwoofers, there is an integrated variable bass boost. The subwoofer level can be controlled from the remote level control module.

These amplifiers are constructed with a special PCB coating to prevent damage from high humidity levels in a shipboard environment, including corrosion.

To prevent water from entering the amplifier housing, all connections are made through waterproof cords/cables, and the wires passing through the end panels are carefully sealed.

An additional unique component is a rubber gasket that seals all control holes.

Multimedia Amplifiers

Music lovers will appreciate amplifiers for music, which include models with the Easy Tune function. Using this feature, Fusion Apollo amplifiers automatically adjust audio settings to provide optimal sound quality without the need for manual adjustments.

Designed to minimize distortion and noise, these acoustic devices provide significant improvement in sound even at higher volumes without sacrificing clarity.

The famous Garmin in our marketplace is also represented by the Fusion marine acoustics system. Installing this system provides the highest sound quality and flexible control of individual sound zones on boats of any purpose and size.

Fusion’s Multimedia is distinguished by an intuitive interface of the stereo head system, ease of installation and flawless operation of each audio module with each other. Marine radios, amplifiers, coaxial speakers and subwoofers are made specifically to operate in wet conditions.

Fusion Signature Series marine speakers and subwoofers feature innovative LED lighting that provides an unprecedented range of color variations to help create a personal touch on your boat.

Fusion marine subwoofers are a low-frequency acoustic system, in other words, a low-frequency speaker operating in the range of about 5-200 Hz or narrower, in order to achieve a larger volume of sound, the so-called “pumping” of space with low-frequency vibrations that can have mechanical, and most low frequencies - and psychological effects on humans. Listening to music through an audio system with a subwoofer allows you to get much more emotions, recharge your energy, get the feeling of being in a concert hall, and not in an ordinary room, the feeling of live sound, not a recording.

Multifunctional Amplifiers

Marine acoustics are divided into two parts: indoor and deck. If the internal one is similar in its characteristics to the car one, then the deck one is much more powerful in order to provide maximum and at the same time clear sound, which will not be interfered with by the noise of waves and the sound of the engine. Therefore, in marine audio systems, especially on yachts, component acoustics are much more often used – they provide cleaner and higher quality sound.

Some models of marine amplifiers allow you to connect more than 10 speakers and several subwoofers. The variability of connecting coaxial speakers allows you to implement any speaker layout. All this must be taken into account when designing a marine acoustics system for your own ship.

Universal models allow you to improve the sound of the entire set of acoustic equipment on a yacht - radio, music, negotiations, etc.

Amplifiers with Bluetooth

Wireless connectivity is one of the most in-demand technologies on board ships. Even on a small yacht it is convenient to control the sound from a smartphone, rather than having to run to the wheelhouse every time, let alone superyachts or large ships.

Modern acoustic devices and equipment presented in the topRik marketplace, including multimedia amplifiers, allow you to use Bluetooth technology to control them.

Amplifiers with Moisture Protection

The topRik marketplace offers amplifiers for marine conditions. Their cases are waterproof and their internal components are coated with a protective coating. Waterproof amplifiers resist not only water, but also salt fog. The salt delivers the first blow to the contact groups, so all contacts are usually gold-plated. All internal boards are covered with a protective coating.