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Sale of Air Ducts for Boat Heaters

In this catalog, the topRik marketplace presents a wide selection of air ducts for boats of various types and their prices. You can choose the option that suits you based on material, diameter and other parameters in order to install a ventilation system on a yacht in accordance with your requirements.

If you find it difficult to choose an air duct for a yacht, contact experienced sailors - experts on our marketplace - for a free consultation. Right now, you can get all the information you are interested in using the Contacts feedback form or by phone (specified above). You can also send your questions by email – [email protected].

Air ducts are special ventilation channels that direct air flows in a given direction and have the ability to regulate air pressure and the intensity of its flow. The complexity of a yacht's ventilation, air heating or air conditioning system that uses ductwork depends on the size of the vessel and the number of rooms that require air supply from an air heater, air conditioner or fresh air source.

On superyachts or large ships, various types of air ducts are combined into a complex system consisting of many branches, ducts, shafts and sleeves, which is a critical element in the functioning of ventilation and air heating as a whole.

When choosing equipment for the air heating, air conditioning or ventilation system of a yacht, you should take into account what types of air ducts were used when designing the system in a particular section of the pipeline, or vice versa - select air ducts in exact accordance with the existing air heaters, air conditioners and ventilation equipment.

That is, it is necessary to carefully check the methods of connecting equipment to the air duct network, paying attention to the diameters and capacity of the air ducts in a certain area, and also take into account what material all parts of the yacht adjacent to the place where the air ducts are attached are made of.

Duct Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

The significant variety of types of air ducts is due to the variety of their applications in boat air supply and movement systems for various purposes. For ease of classification, air ducts are usually divided according to the following parameters:

  • cross-sectional shape - rectangular, round, elliptical;
  • size - diameter;
  • structural design - spiral, straight-seam;
  • rigidity - flexible or rigid air ducts;
  • materials used - galvanized steel, metal-plastic, plastic, aluminum air ducts;
  • connection method - flanged, wafer;
  • type of connection - diffusers, tees, bends.

The choice of an air duct for a yacht has been greatly simplified by the fact that specially designed models have appeared that are ideally mounted in boats made of various materials, including not only wood and metal, but also fiberglass.

The rigid ones have been replaced by flexible air ducts, which are much easier to install in the cramped spaces of mass-produced boats, and which do not damage the innovative materials from which modern yachts are made during operation.

Section Shape

The most common types of air duct cross-sections used in the design of yacht systems are models with round section shape. Air ducts with a rectangular cross-section are used in domestic and industrial systems, as well as on large ships. If the design features of the ventilation system impose strict restrictions on the size and shape of the section, then air ducts of an elliptical cross-section are used, which are made from air ducts with a round cross-section by processing them on special machines.

Round air ducts require less material for production and are manufactured using simpler technology than rectangular ones. If metal is used, the production of a rectangular air duct will require, on average, 20-30% more material than for a round one with similar indicators.

The advantage of round air ducts is:

  • good tightness;
  • ensuring high air flow speed;
  • low noise level;
  • ease of installation;
  • lower weight per linear meter compared to a rectangular full analogue.

Structural Design

In this classification category, air ducts are divided into straight-seam, spiral-wound (spiral-lock) and spiral-welded.

Straight-seam air ducts are made of sheet metal. For rectangular models, the seam is placed on the fold to give the structure additional rigidity.

Spiral-welded and spiral-lock air ducts are made of special steel strips with an anti-corrosion coating. By welding the joints overlapping, the seam is dense and durable. This type of ducts has no length restrictions.

When making spirally wound pipes, ring or tape method is used. The first production option is considered more expensive and of higher quality.


Rigid air ducts are made with a round or rectangular cross-section. The material used is sheet metal (galvanized or stainless steel, aluminum or plastic). Thermal insulating materials (basalt wool) can be used as a laminating coating. This type of air duct is used in structures that require high strength ventilation ducts. However, when creating an extensive ventilation network, it is necessary to take into account the total weight of the future air duct system and, if necessary, take care to strengthen the entire structure. It is clear that such systems are only suitable for large ships and liners.

The flexible type of air ducts is presented in the form of a corrugated hose, so they are sometimes called corrugated or spiral. The base is made of steel wire reinforcement, and the walls are made of metallized polyester (laminated foil). The peculiarity of this product is its exceptional ease of installation, transportation and maintenance. If necessary, new elements can be wound onto an existing structure and bent in any direction. The disadvantages include the corrugated surface of the walls, which negatively affects the speed of air passage through the channel, as well as sound insulation. For small mass-produced yachts, especially those made of fiberglass, such air ducts are also not suitable.

Our choice is the semi-rigid type of air ducts. This is an intermediate link that has the strength of rigid and elasticity of flexible models. This type is made of aluminum or steel strips rolled into a tube and having a spiral seam.

Materials Used in Air Ducting Production

One of the most important criteria for classifying air ducts is the materials used. This is such an important category for yacht systems for supplying and moving air masses that we have included it in a separate section rather than listing it in the general list.

The materials used to make the different types of ductwork depend on the specific application and the features of the existing ductwork system.

Galvanized air ducts are used to transport air in temperate climates without an aggressive environment. The zinc coating helps protect the steel from corrosion, which significantly extends the service life, but increases the cost of such products. Due to their resistance to humidity, mold will not appear on the walls, which makes them attractive for use in places with high humidity in the ventilation system (residential premises, bathrooms, public catering places).

Stainless steel ducts are used to transport air masses at high temperatures. Manufacturers use heat-resistant and fine-fiber steel, up to a thickness, which allows this type of air duct to be utilized even in aggressive environmental conditions. The main places of application are heavy industry enterprises (metallurgy, mining, with increased background radiation).

Plastic air ducts have become especially popular in conditions of transporting aggressive air environments. The main industries in this case include chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used as the main material, which has good resistance to moisture, evaporation of acids and alkalis. Plastic is a light and smooth material that ensures a minimum of pressure losses in the air flow and tightness in connections, due to which a large number of different connecting elements are made from plastic, such as elbows, tees, bends.

But such disadvantages of plastic air ducts as flammability and accumulation of static charge make them undesirable for the installation of yacht air duct systems.

Other types of ducts, such as polyethylene ducts, find their use in supply ventilation systems. Fabric fiberglass ducts are used to connect the fan or air conditioner to the air distributors. Air ducts made of vinyl plastic serve in aggressive environments containing acid vapors in the air. These types of air ducts have high corrosion resistance, are lightweight and can be bent in any plane at any angle.

The metal-plastic type of air ducts is made using two metal layers, for example, corrugated aluminum, with foam plastic laid between them. The advantages of aluminum air ducts are that this design provides:

  • high strength characteristics;
  • low mass of the system, which is important on a ship;
  • effective thermal insulation without additional work and materials;
  • ease of installation, since the flexibility of water conduits allows them to be bent at any necessary angle in any plane;
  • aesthetic appearance.

This is the most suitable type of air ducts for arranging yacht air transfer systems.

In the topRik marketplace you can buy flexible aluminum air ducting for yachts of various diameters, as well as adapters, flanges, adapters, air intake/exhaust mufflers and other accessories for the installation of air heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

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BrandAutoterm Diameter Ø, mm90
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BrandAutoterm Diameter Ø, mm75
BrandAutoterm Diameter Ø, mm60
BrandAutoterm Diameter Ø, mm60
BrandAutoterm Diameter Ø, mm60
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