Scrubbers & Scrubber Sets for Sale

Sale of Scrubbers & Scrubber Sets for Boat

If you are looking for effective scrubbers or scrubber sets for cleaning any surfaces on your yacht, then this section of the topRik marketplace is what you need. We have selected scrubbers and scrubpads with varying degrees of abrasive action, designed for washing and cleaning any surfaces on a yacht.

The section presents yacht care accessories from the world's best manufacturers of boat products - Star brite, Dulon Marine Deckmate Group, Shurhold, etc. Right now get a free consultation from topRik experts about the features of scrubbers and scrubber sets. They will promptly answer you through the feedback form or by phone, the number of which is indicated on the page. Questions and applications for purchasing scrubpads can be sent to our email address [email protected].

It is no coincidence that world-class companies that produce equipment, accessories and boat care products pay attention to scrubbers and scrubpads as well as scrubber sets. These accessories not only provide gentle and effective care for various surfaces of the yacht, making the work of yachtsmen easier. These special scrubpads, provided they are correctly selected for various types of surfaces, will not damage their integrity, will not cause scratches or chips. Damaged integrity can lead to such dangerous processes as osmosis, corrosion, rotting with further destruction directed deep into the fiberglass or metal hull and deck covering. Scratches and abrasions on the windshield not only spoil the appearance of the yacht, but significantly impair the view for the skipper.

Therefore, choosing the right scrubbers for different surfaces is not only a matter of cleanliness on the yacht.

Types And Characteristics of Scrubbers and Scrubpads

This section of the topRik marketplace presents both individual scrubpads with varying degrees of abrasiveness, as well as kits for various types of surfaces.

Acrylic, metal, fiberglass, solid wood or natural wood veneer, polymers - this is not a complete list of materials that are used in the construction and equipment of a yacht. There are also non-woven materials from which awnings, mattresses, sun loungers and sails are made.

It is clear that they all need regular washing and cleaning, but for treating acrylic and metal surfaces you should choose sponges with different abrasive effects. That's why we present you with a choice of soft and hard scrubbers, as well as scrubpads with a medium abrasive effect.

It is on this basis that scrubbersand scrubpads are divided, which defines their purpose.

  • Light abrasive effect. The purpose of such sponges is ordinary regular cleaning with special detergents to remove dust from surfaces of any material. They are suitable for all types of surfaces - metal, fiberglass, acrylic, wood, polymers. In this case, the main thing is to choose the right detergent.
  • Medium abrasive impact. Purpose is to remove stubborn dirt, oils and soot from the external surface of your boat, surface flora from fenders, fiberglass hulls, and hulls.
  • Strong abrasive effect. Purpose – removal of rust from metal surfaces and non-woven materials, shellfish from ropes and bottoms, paint from wooden and metal surfaces. These coarse cleaning sponges are ideal for thoroughly cleaning teak decks and hulls.

Advantages of Special Scrubbers and Scrubpads

Double-sided, lightweight and flexible abrasive sponges are made from durable, high-density materials. They are suitable for machining parts with complex geometries. Do not crack or wrinkle during use. Ready for reuse immediately after washing.

If you purchase a kit, you will have a pair of sponges of varying degrees of abrasive action, which will last you a long time. The kit may include a holder made of marine polymers. This holder is convenient to use for cleaning the hull, bridge, steering wheel, etc. As a rule, the holder is equipped with special hooks for quickly attaching an abrasive sponge.

If you are assembling a set of sponges yourself, the holder can be purchased separately.

We remind you that when choosing scrubbers or scrubber sets for a boat, the degree of abrasive action should be taken into account. For example, medium abrasive scrubpads are effective on fiberglass and decking, but they are not recommended for use on painted or glossy surfaces as they can scratch or damage the finish.

It’s better to check with marketplace experts which surfaces individual models are suitable for or buy a scrub pad kit, which includes a set of interchangeable sliding scrubpads - soft, medium and hard, as well as an ergonomic handle with a mount for pads.