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The benefits of teak wood have been known for hundreds of years. In the days of the sailing fleet, decks were made of teak planks - they showed good resistance to fire, which was important during battle, and also demonstrated mechanical strength. Other types of wood wore away much faster under the influence of cannon wheels than teak.

Due to its hardness, the teak deck could be sanded to perfect condition so that you could walk on it barefoot without fear of splinters. The teak was well washed, sanded, and once the deck was laid, it could be repeatedly updated without having to replace it. This was appreciated by the builders of fishing and whaling ships, on whose deck there is always a lot of dirt and grease.

Benefits of Teak Decking

In our age, a teak deck is an indicator of the good taste and sense of style of the yacht owner, his loyalty to maritime historical traditions, as well as concern for the safety of the crew and passengers. After all, even on a wet teak deck, the yacht’s crew will not slip, even during a list and roughness in a storm.

In addition, teak has a number of unique properties. Solid wood impregnated with essential oils is not subject to rotting. Silky to the touch, it does not get hot in the sun or dry out in the heat. The expressive texture and golden color give a special charm and respectable appearance to any vessel.

What Does Proper Teak Deck Care Entail?

But no matter what “magical” qualities a teak deck has, in order to maintain its natural beauty and preserve all its properties for many years, it must be properly cared for. There are two fundamentally different views on this issue. The classic approach is simple: teak does not need any special means just regularly spray it with sea water (preferably sea water), and the salt will prevent the appearance of fungus and mold, and the sun will lighten scuffs and dark spots.

But, unfortunately, in our age of poor ecology, such care does not always pay off, and the noble “gray hair” that replaces the golden shine of wooden fibers does not seem attractive to everyone. In addition, this may indicate a thinning of the natural protective layer of wood, which is provided by the essential oils contained in teak. And this opens the way for fungus and mold.

That is, even such an unpretentious wood as teak needs special care.

A teak deck can become unusable if the decking is not done professionally. Some yacht owners increase the cost of the vessel in this way. But the boards are taken too thin and laid too quickly. As a result, the cross-section of the sealant between them is too small, which leads to its extrusion. The mounting screws in this case rarely reach a diameter of 3 mm. This means that the plugs hiding the screws are also of small diameter, and, unable to withstand the load, are squeezed out during expansion and are lost. The fasteners rot, the hole becomes clogged with dirt, and the deck gradually takes on an unpresentable appearance.

If the deck is professionally covered with teak, then the main damage to it can only be caused by improper maintenance.

Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, “scrubbing” a teak deck is strictly prohibited, especially with the use of abrasives and hard brushes. From the pier, such a polished deck may have a marketable appearance. But step aboard and look at your feet. The soft fibers of the wood are torn out, and the hard fibers protrude above the deck level and will quickly wear away under the feet of the crew and passengers. This will cause the deck surface to ripple, rising from fastener to fastener.

Treatment with aggressive detergents is also dangerous for teak wood. Yes, teak can withstand exposure to the sun, salt, and water, but, like any wood, it dies if it is doused with active chemical compounds. Therefore - no car wash or household chemicals for disinfecting floors, plumbing, etc., but only special products for teak & wood treatment.

An important factor in the preservation of a teak deck is the frequency of treatment. It needs to be washed regularly, regardless of whether the yacht is in the marina or in transit. Dirt will accumulate anyway. And the more of it there is, the more you will then have to rub, and therefore wash away the expensive wood.

If you follow these simple rules for caring for your teak deck, it can last you up to two decades. topRik experts have seen this in practice when operating our SimpleSail fleet, which is located in our marinas in Montenegro and Croatia. We give only those recommendations that are confirmed by our own practice.

Types Of Products for Protecting, Restoring, And Caring for Teak Flooring

The most effective and popular means for caring for teak decks, teak parts and furniture are types of treatments that have been proven over the years. Modern manufacturers in the teak & wood treatment sector offer a wide range of products. The topRik marketplace presents all their types from manufacturers that have proven themselves among the yachting community.

Teak Oil

Teak oil is the ideal solution for protecting teak wood from salt water, UV rays and weather conditions. Gives wood moisture-repellent properties, creates a pleasant natural effect of unfinished wood. The topRik marketplace offers teak oil from one of the leading manufacturers Star brite, which can also be used for other valuable wood species.

Pigmented teak oil contains additives that effectively resist mold growth and fading. Before application, teak should be treated with a cleaner and then a brightener.

Teak Cleaners and Brighteners

Quickly and effectively clean teak flooring, as well as other valuable types of wood, without damaging fiberglass and painted surfaces. Removes stubborn dirt. Does not require intensive scrubbing. Does not damage the wood texture.


Protects teak wood from fading and contamination. Restores lost natural oils and resins to teak. Gives teak a gorgeous golden-brown hue. Special components present, for example, in Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer, or Rylard, help to seal the pores of the wood, preventing dust and dirt from entering, as well as protecting the natural teak oils from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Impregnation varnish is a two-component oil-varnish coating that creates a protective layer on the surface of a teak deck or any wood element. A coating such as SB-Protect, for example, with microporous properties is easy to apply, does not require thinning or sanding between layers, flows well and is distributed over the surface, and dries quickly. At the same time, it produces surfaces that can be easily sanded and coated with one- or two-component products, creating both pigmented and clear finishes.

Water Repellents

These are water-based products specially designed for water-repellent treatment of wooden substrates, as presented in the marketplace by Wood Mat H2O or Boat Protector from FNI.


These are liquids that are gentle in composition, which, like Instant Teak Cleaner from the Teak Wonder line, presented in our marketplace, removes greasy stains from small areas without requiring thorough rinsing. This product can be used on any material including untreated or treated teak, plastic, fiberglass and textiles.

This is not a complete list of care products for teak deck coverings, parts and wood products for your yacht. We have listed only the main types that it is advisable to have on a yacht if its owner cares about the appearance of his vessel, the safety of the crew and wants to save significant money on replacing the teak covering.

How To Choose the Right Product, What to Pay Attention To

Before you stock up on wood maintenance products, assess the condition of your deck. It is possible that you will not have to buy all types of products at once. If your teak flooring is cleaned regularly and properly, you will only need a universal, quick stain remover; it will also be useful for treating other wood surfaces, as well as textiles and fiberglass.

And pick up a kit for treating the deck covering when preparing the boat for wintering. Here we also need to start from the tick state. Maybe a wash and treatment with teak oil will be enough.

For minor damage to soft fibers, use impregnations that will restore the essential composition of wood.

Use sanding if the coating has significant damage, causing the deck to have an uneven surface. After sanding (you remember – only by a professional!), teak coating also needs to be treated with special means.

How to Apply and Care Correctly

So, let's summarize. As we noted above, a teak deck is a piece of equipment, and it costs a lot of money. To ensure a long service life, you need to remember a few rules for caring for it, which topRik experts recommend following.

  • Deck cleaning should be carried out regardless of the intensity or area of contamination - this is an essential part of scheduled seasonal maintenance.
  • It is prohibited to wash teak decks with automotive chemicals. For this purpose, special yacht detergents are used, which do not cost much and are used quite sparingly. Liquid soap will also work.
  • Use a soft nylon sponge or a brush with soft bristles as a scrubber.
  • Cleaning and washing the deck is allowed only across the board, with translational or figure-of-eight movements - not along. Otherwise, soft fibers will be scraped out of the board, and the deck will have to be sanded more often.
  • Residues of soap and detergent are washed off completely. This especially applies to the restorative teak restorer, which contains acid. If it remains even in small quantities after the work is completed, it will begin to burn the wood, so after restoration the deck must be thoroughly washed, and preferably with soap - the alkali neutralizes the effect of the acid.
  • Despite the fact that teak is not afraid of water, sun and frost, the deck must be covered with an awning in the winter.
  • Over time, any wooden deck will be stripped of its soft fibers through use, causing it to become rough and textured. In this case, an update will be required - grinding. Grinding machines with fine-grained abrasive wheels are used for it. Only professionals should perform this procedure.
  • When washing and cleaning the deck, it is prohibited to use high-pressure car wash units.
  • It is advisable to wash the deck every week - this is not just an old-fashioned way to keep a sailor who is tormented by boredom occupied with something, but also an urgent need, similar to wet cleaning in the house. However, scrubbing the deck is harmful - such fanatical washing will only lead to brushing, which, in turn, will lead to premature thinning of the deck.
  • Do not coat the deck with compounds not intended for this purpose and do not overuse sanding. Only special teak & wood treatment, water, liquid soap and mild scrubbers are all you need.

All the recommendations given above for teak decking, as well as warnings about improper care, also apply to the wooden parts that the yacht is equipped with, as well as furniture.

In addition to teak deck care products, the topRik marketplace offers a large selection of oils, impregnations, sealants, hydrobots and other products for the care of mahogany and teak parts and furniture.

If you have any questions, contact topRik experts and you will receive a comprehensive free consultation via the feedback form, by phone or by email ([email protected]). All links to all types of contacts are displayed on this page.