Vinyl & Plastic Cleaning for Sale

Sale of Vinyl & Plastic Cleaning for Boat

Searching products for vinyl and plastic cleaning? You are just in the right section. The compositions presented here will make it easier for you to care for vinyl on yachts and will ensure gentle and effective cleaning of plastic on boats of any design, including fiberglass boats and yachts. The topRik marketplace has selected only the best from leading manufacturers of marine chemicals – Star brite, Iosso, BRAVA, Silpar TK, etc.

If you find it difficult to choose products for yacht care, contact the experts of our marketplace for free professional advice. We offer only those marine accessories and products that we have tested in practice when caring for our own fleet. Contact topRik experts through Contacts section or give us a call (number is listed on the page). Consultation can also be obtained by email - [email protected].

The vessel, just received from the trading warehouse, pleases the eye with the freshness and cleanliness of the surfaces of the hull and deck, the ideal condition of the vinyl covering of the furniture and finishing inside the cabins and saloon.

But as soon as the yacht sits at the pier for only two or three weeks, we notice that the appearance has lost its original attractiveness - the deck has become dusty, dirt stains and a yellowish oil film appear on the sides. The underwater part of the hull gradually turns green, and in the warm season the boat or yacht quickly takes on a sloppy appearance.

What are these stains on our favorite sofa in the saloon? And the skipper's chair also took on a worn-out look in places.

Over time, if no measures are taken, even the jig and fenders can become covered with a greenish coating that is unpleasant to the touch and smell...

Just a few years ago, we would have habitually taken up a sponge, a scraper, and cleaning powders... But today we can save energy and at the same time protect the material of the hull, deck, furniture, plastic or vinyl trim of the interior and cabins from harmful abrasive effects and radical chemical cleaning methods.

The global chemical industry nowadays offers a wide range of special products for the care of plastic sheathing and deck coverings, window glass, railings, awnings, vinyl seat upholstery, etc.

Let's not forget those products that not only improve the appearance of the yacht, but also contribute to its more economical operation, extending the service life of materials and maintaining the appearance of the boat in good condition for a more or less long time. These include, among other things, special cleaners for fiberglass hulls, plastic and vinyl deck coverings, furniture and upholstery of yacht interiors.

Types of Vinyl and Plastic Cleaners

The best yacht cleaning products from well-known manufacturers of marine chemicals are usually produced not only for different materials, but also with a different set of functions. The topRik marketplace offers a wide range of all the most necessary types of cleaning products for vinyl and plastic cleaning, including:

  • vinyl cleaners;
  • vinyl restorers;
  • boat plastic cleaners;
  • degreasers for vinyl and plastic;
  • shampoos for washing vinyl and plastic surfaces;
  • cleaning products for inflatable fenders;
  • detergent compositions for tuziks and RIBs made of PVC, Hypalon, neoprene;
  • compositions for cleaning textured and painted fiberglass decks;
  • detergent compositions with protective properties against salt spray and ultraviolet radiation;
  • products that can remove not only dirt, but also scratches, oxidation stains, restore the color of inflatable boats and fenders, and other similar elements, for example, polymer fenders;
  • universal detergents facilities For everyone washable surfaces , including plastic, HPL (high pressure laminate) Formica, vinyl, leather, metal, stainless steel, and resin;
  • detergents for vinyl and plastic with biodegradable formula, no abrasives, no solvents required;
  • concentrated shampoos to quickly and easily remove dirt and grease from all interior and exterior vinyl surfaces.

This is far from a complete listing of the types of means for vinyl and plastic cleaning, which you can buy in the topRik marketplace. But even this incomplete list can frighten any sailor who will immediately imagine a hold and lockers filled with canisters of cleaning compounds. As always, great news from the topRik team: most of the products for vinyl & plastic cleaning, which we have selected for you, combine several of the above properties and functions.

Cleaners for small ships that we offer are characterized by:

  • high activity towards macro- and microorganisms and their metabolic products embedded in microcracks in plastic or paint;
  • the ability to remove deposits of salts, hydrocarbons (soot), streaks of rust, traces of oils and petroleum products without any significant physical effort;
  • the safety of the composition for the environment, because there are no special washes on the water, and everything washed off the hull will inevitably end up on the beach next to the parking lot.

Cleaners contain strong surfactants, sometimes in combination with acids, but ideally you want the product to not contain organic solvents, phosphates, chlorine, and the ability to quickly self-decompose after use.

Among the popular consumer brands is the American brand Star brite, well known to yachtsmen and boat show visitors, which is widely represented in our marketplace. The thick catalog of this company contains a list of a whole range of cleaners - standard and especially strong; separately for plastic, aluminum, wood and combined surfaces; for hardworking shipowners and even lazy ones.

The company places special emphasis on the fact that it will not be possible to achieve such a perfect cleaning effect with the help of ordinary household or car detergents: a special type of active agent is better suited for each type of surface.

TK Line – Marin presents their own boat cleaner in this section - a concentrated and effective shampoo for daily cleaning of the boat, deck, cockpit and other elements that are constantly dirty. This neutral product is ideal for cleaning gelcoat, laminate and all other surfaces on a yacht. It does not lose its high efficiency when diluted with sea water.

We have given examples of products from only two well-known manufacturers of for vinyl and plastic cleaning. Just read carefully the descriptions given for each type of cleaner - and you will understand that it is not at all necessary to buy them all.

Vinyl & Plastic Boat Cleaners

A guide to choosing cleaners for vinyl and plastic of yachts and boats, according to topRik experts, should begin with this phrase: do not save on purchasing specialized products, because such savings will result in even greater costs for repairing or replacing damaged plastic and vinyl surfaces. Leave compositions for car care and household furniture to motorists and housewives. They do not provide one of the most important properties of specialized marine products - their biosolubility and safety for water bodies and the coast.

Therefore, when asked what to look for in cleaning products for plastic and vinyl used on boats, the answer is: a biosolubility mark. After all, all dirty water after washing will go into the sea, and products for washing cars and household plastic panels contain substances that are dangerous to people and marine life. Just think about how many children can be harmed by these substances.

Now, among the biosoluble compositions, you should highlight the universal ones, which can be used for washing vinyl, plastic and other types of surfaces. It is advisable that it be a concentrated preparation; it will take up a smaller volume, but it will last for a long time. Add here a degreaser for all surfaces and a vinyl restorer - now your set for vinyl & plastic cleaning is ready.

Any experienced sailor, giving advice on how to care for a yacht, will definitely spend a lot of time cleaning it from dirt. After all, this is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also the lifespan of any vessel. The cleanliness of the hull, bottom, sides and decks, plastic and vinyl coverings, especially of a fiberglass yacht, directly determines how long it will bring joy to its owner.