Steel Anchors Rockfish Grapnel for Sale

Sale of Rockfish Grapnel

Are you fishing from an inflatable boat and looking for a suitable lightweight anchor? Marketplace topRik for fishing enthusiasts has selected unique galvanized steel Rockfish Grapnel anchors from the famous French manufacturer Plastimo.

Having trouble choosing? The experts of our marketplace are not only experienced sailors, among them there are also some fishermen. Any of them will give you a free consultation. Just contact them right now for advice by phone, via email ([email protected]) or the website’s quick contact form. All links to all types of contacts are provided on this page for your convenience.

Features and Benefits of Rockfish Grapnel Anchors

The main advantage of these lightweight anchors is their uniqueness. Everything here is unique - their weight is from 0.7 to 1.3 kg, their design is a kind of grapple anchor, only with very thin four legs, as well as the principle of a grab grip.

As a result, you get Rockfish Grapnel anchor, which has the following benefits for the owner:

  • use on any soil – Rockfish Grapnel perfectly holds a PVC boat on rocky and sandy soil, as well as on a muddy bottom;
  • cleaning the water area and underwater area adjacent to the boat from algae and plants;
  • convenient storage and transportation due to the ability of the paws to fold in pairs.

Rockfish Grapnel anchors presented in the marketplace are made of galvanized steel, which guarantees a long service life without corrosion, even when used in salt water.

You also don't have to worry about galvanic corrosion if your boat is made of aluminum and you fishing offshore. In this case, sea water will not play the role of an electrolyte, since galvanization and aluminum are not a galvanic couple.

On Which Types of Vessels Is Rockfish Grapnel Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

Already from the weight of Rockfish Grapnel anchors from Plastimo it is clear that they are ideal as a safe and everyday anchor for RIBs and small boats up to 8 meters in length. The manufacturer recommends them for protected environments only.

Buying Rockfish Grapnel anchor through the topRik marketplace is beneficial for you, since we work directly with manufacturers or the largest and most trusted distributors, and our marine products are not burdened with additional surcharges.