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Sale of Hall Anchors

If you have come to this section, then you need the most reliable and at the same time simple in design shankless anchor, which is suitable for a sailing or motor yacht, boat or RIB. Hall anchors for sale shown here is exactly what you are looking for. All that remains is to choose a modification and model of suitable weight.

If you have any problems purchasing a Hall anchor for your boat, topRik marketplace experts will advise you on any issue for free. These are experienced, constantly practicing sailors with whom you can talk by phone (the number is listed on this page) or through the quick contact form. You can also send a message to our email address.

Features and Benefits of Hall Anchors

At the end of the 19th century, certain captain Hall made a real revolution in the production of anchors. Before the appearance of its design, unusually complex forged patented anchors were used, real mechanisms that, in places of numerous joints, were easily susceptible to corrosion and required constant maintenance. The flukes of these anchors were attached to the shank with a bolt, which could break upon impact.

Hall proposed replacing complex shaped forgings with a cast box with flukes and grips. Hall anchor was easy to disassemble and had no equal in terms of manufacturing speed and strength. Actually, this is the case at the present time. It is no coincidence that modern Hall anchors are presented in various modifications, as in this section of the topRik marketplace. But fundamentally they remain the same as captain Hall invented them, which is the basis of their advantage:

  • the head part of the anchor - the box - is cast from steel along with the claws and grips;
  • in the middle part of the box there is a hole of square cross-section, into which an anchor shank of the same cross-section is threaded;
  • a short round bolt is driven into the hole made in the lower part of the shank;
  • when threading the shank through the box to the end, the protruding ends of the bolt rest against two semicircular cups inside the box;
  • to prevent the shank from falling down, two locking bolts are threaded through the bottom of the box, supporting the ends of the bolt driven into the shank from below;
  • large gaps in the rubbing parts of the armature prevent jamming or rusting of these parts;
  • the condition of the connecting bolt can always be checked without disassembling the anchor;
  • the inwardly beveled edges of the upper part of the square hole rest against the shank, preventing the flukes from turning more than 45° in each direction;
  • the shank was removed to provide high anchor holding force on hard ground.

Modern designers continue to improve the Hall anchor; one of the modifications with elongated legs and a shortened shank is intended for small yachts. These models weighing from 3 kg are also presented in the topRik marketplace.

We have also selected Hall anchors for larger yachts, 18 – 48 kg, which have an improved design and high holding force.

On Which Types of Vessels Is Hall Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

Possessing a classic design, Hall anchor is very simple and easy to use, so it is suitable for almost all types of small fleet vessels. In difficult conditions, the Hall anchor quickly releases, is easily retracted into the hawse due to the absence of a rod, almost completely eliminates entanglement in the anchor chain, and does not pose a danger to the vessel in places with shallow depths.

When selecting Hall anchor for your yacht, keep in mind that its holding force exceeds its own mass by 4 times. Therefore, when calculating the required mass of Hall anchor according to the length or weight of the boat, you should throw on a decent number of kilograms to be sure.

topRik marketplace offers models of Hall anchors made of galvanized steel. This is a guarantee that the anchor will withstand a long service life without corrosion.