Steel Anchors Delta for Sale

Sale of Delta Anchors

Are you looking for an anchor with high holding power and low weight? Delta anchors for sale in this section of the topRik marketplace fully meet these requirements. Varieties of Delta anchors presented in this section are made of high quality marine galvanized steel.

If you are having trouble finding a Delta anchor by weight for your boat, ask questions to the marketplace experts right now. These are not just implementers, but experienced sailors who have tested all types of proposed anchors in practice. This professional consultation is absolutely free for you.

Delta anchor is named this way because its shape resembles this letter of the Greek alphabet. In fact, this is another version of the CQR, significantly superior to the prototype in all characteristics.

Features and Benefits of Delta Anchors

Delta anchor is an updated version of the CQR anchor, which does not have a hinged connection between the flukes and the shank, with additional advantages:

  • bites better and deeper into the seabed thanks to the additional weight on the tip;
  • provides improved traction in stronger winds;
  • able to hold firmly in all types of soil;
  • quickly restores tension when the vessel turns;
  • provides much greater holding capacity for its weight than other types of anchors of the same weight.

Delta's low center of gravity provides exceptional self-launching capabilities and quick deep burrowing into the ground.

It is generally accepted and proven in practice that Delta anchors have the greatest holding force relative to their weight of any anchor of similar design (CQR).

On Which Types of Vessels Is Delta Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

As can be seen from the table below, Delta anchors are in demand on small fleet vessels from 6 to 27 meters.

Delta Anchors for sale

If you check this data against the calculations accepted among sailors, you will notice that the table recommends a lower anchor weight for a boat of a certain length. But it is also recommended to add a few kilograms to the calculation results for insurance. This suggests you can get the lighter Delta anchor without loss of holding power.

But such a table is not always at hand, but any yachtsman knows exactly the dimensions of his yacht. Take 1-2% of its mass - this will be the basis for the mass of the anchor for this boat. Or even simpler, if you don’t want to deal with percentages: imagine the length of the yacht from stern to bow in kilograms - 1 kg for each meter. This way you will also get the desired result.

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