Steel Anchors Danforth for Sale

Sale of Danforth Anchors

Do you need an anchor with phenomenal holding power? TopRik marketplace offers Danforth anchors for this purpose: choose an anchor that is suitable for your yacht in terms of weight and material. We sell models in both stainless and galvanized steel.

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Danforth anchor is a type of main anchor. The design is based on the hinge principle, but long flat flukes of small cross-section are placed along the shank. There is a swivel connection with the shank on the axis of rotation.

Features and Benefits of Danforth Anchors

Danforth anchor is named after its inventor. Two long flukes give the anchor the appearance of a plow; when driven, they break through mud and sand and sink deep into the underlying soil. The burrowing depth is several times the length of the flukes.

Danforth anchor became one of the founders of the CQR family. The design of this anchor, innovative at the time of its creation, ensured its long life and recognition of sailors around the world, due to the following advantages:

  • when falling, it grabs onto not only the upper loose layer of soil, but goes deeper and reaches denser soil;
  • the design allows you to automatically adapt to changing conditions in the water area and on the bottom;
  • this model is one of the champions in relative holding capacity on sandy soils - at least 30:1;
  • holds the boat well on fine rocky ground and pebbles;
  • models made of galvanized and stainless steel are resistant to all types of corrosion - both galvanic and resulting from water with different salt compositions.

topRik marketplace offers you a choice of Danforth anchors made of stainless or galvanized steel. Selecting by weight, you can meet the needs of your vessel in organizing a reliable anchorage.

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Our marketplace offers Danforth anchors of various weights - from 2 to 30 kg. This anchor has proven itself to be excellent both on inflatable boats, including fishing and rescue RIBs, as well as on pleasure and expedition yachts - sailing and motor.

Danforth anchor is selected in the same way as most anchors - taking into account the length and displacement of the vessel. But it should be taken into account that its holding capacity exceeds that of a classic Admiralty anchor. What to do in this case? Well, you can simply not add additional safety kilograms to the resulting calculations, as is done with conventional anchors.

You can calculate the mass of the anchor for any yacht yourself, without resorting to the help of special tables. Just add 1 kilogram for every meter of boat length from bow to stern - this will be the required mass of your future anchor.

If you prefer to focus on the mass of the vessel in these calculations, then the mass of the anchor should be 1-2% of this figure.

For all questions that arise when purchasing Danforth anchor you can contact the experts of the topRik marketplace. This is a guarantee that you will receive professional free advice from constantly practicing sailors, and not ordinary sellers.