Steel Anchors Cobra for Sale

Sale of Cobra Anchors

Let’s say that you are the owner of a large boat or yacht and are looking for a reliable anchor that at the same time does not take up too much space. Is that possible?

Cobra anchors sold by topRik marketplace provide the same holding effect as much larger mass anchors. The page contains a catalog with prices for Cobra 2 anchors from the French Plastimo. If you have any questions, ask our experienced experts right now. They will advise you for free by phone (the number is listed on the page) or through the website’s quick contact form. There is another option – email [email protected].

Features of Cobra Anchors

Cobra anchor belongs to the CQR family, but has no moving parts, which partly provides such a powerful holding force, as recognized by many yachtsmen.

Automatic ascent and descent are ensured by two special shank bends.

What makes Cobra anchors special is the fact that specifically Cobra 2 anchors have a fixed shank, which allows you to change its position, but which remains motionless during anchoring and subsequent casting of the anchor.

Benefits of Cobra Anchors

In addition to the unique fixed shank, Cobra's carefully thought-out wider proportions and a significantly weighted crown ensure instant penetration of soil of any composition - silt, sand, pebbles, small and large rocky bottom sediments. This weighted crown section is clearly visible in the photo above. It is this that allows the anchor to accelerate and crash into the bottom to a thorough depth, which provides unprecedented adhesion to the ground.

This ability allows you to get a Cobra anchor for a yacht that is several levels lighter than recommended by tables and calculations accepted among sailors.

All Cobra anchors, which the topRik marketplace offers, are made of high-quality galvanized steel. This material is resistant to both normal and galvanic corrosion, mechanical stress, as well as other unfavorable conditions of prolonged exposure to salt water.

On Which Types of Vessels Is Cobra Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

Cobra anchors are not intended for small boats.

To get started, you can use the tables to determine what anchor weight is recommended for yachts of the same length and displacement as yours.

You can also resort to classic calculations that are used by more experienced sailors.

But then it makes sense to act contrary to tradition – avoid making adjustments for more difficult situations at sea. Moreover, feel free to choose a lighter weight, up to 2 levels lighter than standard anchors weight recommendations. For example, aCobra anchor weighing 16 kg is quite suitable for use on a 16-meter yacht or boat, as demonstrated by the table for these anchors:

Boat length Anchor mass
4 2
6 4
8 6
10 8
12 10
14 12
16 16