Steel Anchors Britany for Sale

Sale of Britany Anchors

In this section you can select and buy a Britany anchor that is suitable specifically for your yacht. This is one of the latest innovative models of flat anchors from the French Plastimo, the advantages of which are the high ratio of the flat surface area of the flukes to the weight of the anchor. Experienced sailors from topRik will explain what this means.

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Features of Britany Anchors

Due to the fact that the area of flat surfaces of Britany anchors is significantly larger than other anchors of similar design, Britany anchors can burrow much deeper and more reliably, especially in soft to medium-soft soils.

This is precisely the peculiarity of this model: Britany anchors pick up soil well with the sharp ends of the flukes, which, due to their design, are able to turn at an optimal angle to the ground surface.

Another important feature of these anchors - they are made of durable steel and have a hot-dip galvanized coating. This provides long-term protection against corrosion due to the damaging effects of sea salt and water.

Benefits of Britany Anchors

But the advantages of Britany anchors do not end with geodynamic feet for deep penetration into the ground and securely holding the yacht.

Note the one-piece high-strength shank, which guarantees a high degree of stability even if the lateral tension is quite strong. The design of this shank prevents the anchor from getting tangled in the anchor chain and breaking off.

These advantages lead to:

  • prompt burying due to a narrow crown designed to lift the rear part of the anchor;
  • elimination of clogging with pebbles due to the absence of a cage;
  • easy to maintain due to the absence of the complicated crown.

We can say that Britany anchor is animproved American Danforth. Like all modern models of anchors, its advantages are not in its large mass, which would make transportation on a small boat difficult, but in its design, which provides the most effective adhesion to the ground.

On Which Types of Vessels Is Britany Anchor Used and How to Choose the Right One

Almost all yachts, pleasure and fishing boats, including inflatable ones, can be equipped with a Britany anchor, if the sailing region is not characterized by rocky or pebbly soils.

Choosing the right Britany anchor depends on the parameters of the vessel. You can rely on special tables that take these dimensions into account or you can calculate the mass of an anchor for a ship without tables. To do this, it is enough to add 1 kg of mass for each meter of the length of the yacht from stern to bow. Or, based on the mass of the vessel, the mass of the anchor should be 1-2% of this figure. In any case, this value will be an acceptable minimum, and the additional mass will add confidence to the owner of the vessel when docked.

In this section of the topRik marketplace you can choose and buy a Britany anchor weighing from 2 kg and above.

It should be remembered that the anchor has the strongest restraining force if the shank rests on the bottom. topRik experts recommend using 3-4 depths or more of the anchor chain (cable) so that the shank is guaranteed to rest on the ground. As can be seen from the attached drawing, with Britany anchor this is much easier to do than, for example, with solid cast models.

It is best to have two anchors on the yacht, one at the bow and the second at the stern. The first one will serve as a main anchor, the second one as a safety one, and its presence will save you from unnecessary worries.